Thursday, February 7, 2008

February 1, 2008

9:33 am
In my bed, because down comforters are warm and the dood isn't ready for me to have a hot (sort of, sometimes) shower.
So, updates on my Shabbat plans: Penina is sick, so she's not going to the Old City with me. Actually, it was supposed to be me going to the Old CIty with her; she made the arrangements, and then yesterday she got sick. She was hoping to feel better by today, but she's still coughing and has a fever. And she has to fly out motza"sh, so she's going to stay home/in the dorm for Shabbat. I called Sandie (dorm mother) to let her know; she's going to see if any of the girls from the 6th floor (who will be moving up by Monday anyway) will be around for Shabbat.
So I'm going to the Old CIty for Shabbat alone- it'll be good for me, right? I'm a little nervous about getting there on my own because I've never taken the bus there myself-- I've gone with Rachel, who only takes cabs. If Shabbat is 4:30-- the person I'm staying at told me to come at 4. But I don't know what time the buses stop running-- I think it's 2 hours before Shabbat. But anyway, I think I'll shower at about 11-11:15, assuming the dood is ready, then eat lunch, and leave around 12:30-1. It takes an hour to get to the Old City by bus, but that's once you get on the bus; the bus I need only runs every 1/2 hour or so. Worst thing that happens is that I wander around the Old City myself. Anyway, once I get to the Old City, I want to drop off the thing of rugelach I got for the people we're-- I'm-- eating lunch at, so that'll take time, and I want to see if I can find a place to use Internet, then I'll go to my hosts' house.

3:05 pm- In the Rova
So I'm early-- REALLY early. I took at bus in at about 12:40, got in, davened mincha at the Kotel, then went to find my hosts for lunch to drop off rugelach. After that I went to try to find an internet cafe-- No luck; it's erev Shabbat, so everything closes early. I went to find my-- wait! exciting interruption! I just got asked for directions and gave them! (shut up all of you who are mocking me-- I successfully gave direction and it's, like, my 5th (?) time here.) We now resume our regular programming-- I went to find my hosts for the rest of SHabbat-- and I did that successfully, too. Now if only I was so successful about figuring out what to do about Shearim...
Mom and Dad both think I should stay the last 2 days. I'm just so...not happy. Lis says, "You went to Israel to have fun! Have fun!"...but ls leaving early quitting? I've never been a quitter-- I'm stubborn as hell and don't want to be wrong. Ever. I just hate being wrong.
I digress. Where was I? Aha, figured out where I need to go. Then I was on my way back to the Rova to sit and wrote and I bumped into Yariv! Let\s discuss random, shall we? Although really, there are no coincidences in life, it's just G-d staying hidden. Playing "hide-and-go-seek." Then Imma and Abba called/

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