Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's in!

My Proof of Judaism letter is in! All the paperwork is in (minus the original financial affidavit and the passport photos, which I am not sending in; I will bring them in by hand).
It feels like everything is in, but not completed. I still have to have interviews with NBN and the Sochnut (Jewish Agency). I emailed one of the shlichim here to find out about applying to Ulpan Etzion, and he said that first I have to have an interview with the Sochnut...but NBN is kind of running North American aliyah, it seems. So I set up a meeting for May, and we'll take it from there.
On the upside, I can honestly say that I haven't even been accepted for aliyah yet, much less Uplan Etzion...מעונינת לדעת מה ממנהלת וסגן מנהלת יחשבו על זה...אולי לא אגיד להם עד שבוע לפני העליה-- או היום לפני חופש לחורף-- "ביי, אני לא חוזרת אחרי החופש!" סתם-- אני אגיד להם חודש לפני, אבל רק שאני עושה "תכנית עברית אינטסיבי"-- ושאני אחזור בקיץ (אבל לא שאני חוזרת רק לקיץ...) נראה
We shall see how things go and where they go.

On another note, there was an NY --> Israel group meeting yesterday. Went well, I think. I met the organizer of the TA group (she was doing TA, late 20's-40's; I was doign Jlem, 20's...we've merged) who is just as into organization as I am! Yay!
Oh, and I was at Allison's for Shabbat. It was an Israeli Shabbat at NYU. Twas fun.

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