Friday, July 3, 2009


So when I was in Israel I would convert prices into dollars. I never thought I'd be converting into shekels-- and DEFINITELY not in America. Well, guess who did just that in Farmer's Market (a small grocery store in upstate NY-- like all good New York City Jews, my family "goes upstate" for the summer/Shabbatot).

"Now why would she do a crazy thing like that?" you ask. The answer is-- they had Israeli ice cream...and it was good stuff, too...I saw the price listed in dollars and cents (because we are in America, after all, despite the abundance of Israeli products in even places like random small supermarkets and Wal-Mart). And I immediately converted it into shekels to figure out how much it was. I think that's a very big sign of identity confusion (wait 'till I get to Israel! Then I'll really have issues! I should write a post on all the cross-cultural confusion in my life, and then once I get to Israel see what happens).

If anyone has any suggestions for un-confusing yourself, please let me know.

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  1. Heres the wy i see it -
    You dont need to be confused.

    if you are earning dollars and buying dollars - dollars.
    ditto for shekel

    When dealing with other currency, you go by the currency you usually purchase that product in.

    If I am an israeli living in israel, and do everything in Shekel, ok.

    If the only dollar purchase I make is jeans (go old navy) and then i walk into a store on ben yehuda to look at prices for jeans, i will translate into dollars.

    So it makes sense (get it? sense? as in 0.1$)
    to compare Israeli ice vcream to shekel when purchesing it in the US.

    Hope that helped. If not, call me.