Monday, October 19, 2009

Maccabi Electra TA vs. The NY Knicks

Knicks beat Maccabi by 15 points. Not so bad.
What was interesting was that probably 80% of the crowd there was for cheering New York.

I called one of my friends after the game and was telling him about it and said, "We lost." He says, "Who?" I said, "Maccabi."

We. That word strikes me. I am a New Yorker-- born, raised, and will be until the day I die. And a Bronxite-- Yankees, not Mets, because I am from the Bronx and the Yankees are the Bronx team. And yet, "we" was Maccabi, like I was Israeli. I'm not. I'm still a New Yorker but...I was rooting for Maccabi.

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