Sunday, January 31, 2010

עשיתי שופינג...

Transliteration: "ahseetee shopping"
Translation: "I did shopping"

There is an actual word for shopping- k'niyot. But why not just say shopping? Sure!

I did shopping. It was an adventure. Micha and I went shopping-- actually Kaufy took us to Mega and helped us do our shopping. We ended up with a bill of about 500 shekels-- but that was for 2 of us.
Anyway, it's weird shopping where you don't know the layout of the supermarket or what's a good price or what's normal. And things are in Hebrew and kilos and grams and milliliters and liters...but I did it!

And next time I'll have a better idea of what I need, etc.

I'm sorry for the lack of postings lately. I've been busy settling in and then I was sick last week (more on that next time) and tomorrow and Tuesday are also crazy...tomorrow I have to go to the bank and pay for Ulpan and deal with health insurance issues and go shopping. And Tuesday I have meetings and probably more health insurance issues or going up to Chashmonaim or something...

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