Friday, August 19, 2011

Double-U. Tee. Eff.

In case some of you missed the news, there were multiple coordinated terror attacks today in Southern Israel. Here is Google News' roundup (pretty large selection, and not half-bad). To make it a little clearer: The attacks were aimed at a passenger bus, a group of soldiers, and private (civilian) cars. The current death toll from those fired on is 8. That would be 8 too many people.

The recording of the call as it was received by Magen David Adom (EMS) here

I'm not usually a political person and really prefer to have as little to do with politics as possible (and I moved to Israel from NY, where it doesn't really matter what I vote, it's a Democratic state...why?) but this makes me mad. Pissed off. My friend who lives in the South where missiles and rockets are fired at pretty much every day put this message on her facebook status: A mis queridos vecinos en Gaza, ESTA NOCHE ME GUSTARIA DORMIR. gracias. [My dear neighbors in Gaza, TONIGHT I WANT TO SLEEP. thank you.]" I don't live in the South, nor do I get woken up by sirens warning me of impending missile/rocket arrivals. But my friends do. Other people living in that area do.

Israel struck back today, and 7 terrorists who did this are dead. But for those 7, there are 7,000 (yes, I meant that number-- there are probably 70,000, but hey...) more to continue what those 7 started. And that, dear readers, is what my country deals with.

But is Israel safe? The answer is, yes. I am more scared that something will happen to me here in NY than in Israel. I don't fear the terrorists-- I don't remember who said it, but "Every bullet has its destination." If I'm going to. G-d forbid, be injured or killed-- it doesn't matter if I'm in NY, Israel, or Japan. Also, the attacks that are prevented aren't on the news. But it doesn't scare me to live in Israel.

I was walking with my friend yesterday by Union Square, and the was a suitcase just sitting there in the middle of the pedestrian plaza area. I turned to my friend (who is also Israeli) and said, "What does that say about me if I saw that suitcase and my first reaction was to call the police?" And then we just laughed and continued walking, not giving it a second thought (a person came and took it anyway). Like I said in a previous post-- it's an extra or heightened awareness to something that looks off. Not fear.

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  1. I love your blog! I'm planning on studying in Israel next year and I'm trying to learn everything I can about living in the country. I found your blog site off of "A Soldier's Mother" blog roll. Your blog is entertaining while informative; the more I read about living in Israel, the more I want to move over there.