Monday, October 10, 2011

Love and the Country

Please note the poorly executed play on "Sex and the City." I admit-- not that good. I, I didn't try that hard.

I talk with my friends, friends of friends, random people, read other blogs, follow my friend's Facebooks. One thing that has been coming up a lot lately is the topic of love and relationships and the existences or lack thereof.

I live in "the Beitzah," which means "the swamp" and is how people refer to the Katamon area with lots and lots of singles, both Israeli and Anglo. It's kind of equivalent to the Upper West Side or Washington Heights in NY. And it is swampy, implying the getting stuck in and hard to get out of.

One of the things that has been insanely frustrating is, as always, "the same people are at everything." But in order to "get in" you have to know someone." And then you are friends with that person, and unfortunately too often have meals, go to parties, and hang out with the same peopel. Friends have friends, but often it's the same people. Also, the Israeli and Anglo worlds often are separate. Frustrating.

I don't know how to expand my circle-- people don't necessarily go up and say hi to people they don't know, or invite randome people over.

As I continue in my meals with the same people, I leave you with...challah. At least that's what I claim as my specialty and bring to...well..most meals becasue...well...people know it and like it.


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