Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wedding updates

So to goal is to have the major things set by Chanukah-- hall, band, photographer. Dress I'm going to work on in NY; I want to try my sister's.

We're getting there. The wedding is going to be a couple weeks before Pesach, apparently in continuation of his unofficial family tradition (his siblings got married also a couple weeks before Pesach).

So in Israel (and in the Jewish world in general, but in Israel it stands out even more) there are different Rabbis who give kosher certification. We have guests from all spectrums of Judaism, and we want to make sure that everyone can eat everything at the wedding. Which is a lot of fun (and I say that with a heavy dose of sarcasm, in case you missed that). So...yeah...that's a huge stressor, because we need to find a place that everyone can eat at.

Photographer and band-- there are so many great options. We know that we really want the pictures to be good, because that's what's going to last. Band-- neither of us really have a strong opinion either way. There is someone who his mom got in touch with who they like and I heard a few clips and it sounds fine. There are two otehr bands I want to check out, but as long as the band doesn't sound BAD-- I'm fine with it.

And so it continues.

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