Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Employer/Empoyee Attitudes

Normally I do not post anything other than very generic information about my workplaces. I work in schools with students who have varying levels of disabilities and handicaps, and that's all I'm going to say-- not where my schools are, not what the names are, and not the types of disabilities and handicaps that my students have.

Yesterday I was driving back with Eli and his mom and we were discussing work and being an employee and how employers treat employees and expectations, etc.

I am now going to vent about a principal I know-- not necessarily a principal at a school that I work in or have worked in, but a principal that I know in a professional relationship. When I saw her school I was impressed by her attitude-- she seemed to care and be interested in developing the OT program at her school and seemed to value the therapists and her staff-- spoke highly of them and reflected pride. I now know her from the inside-- therapists talk.

She yells at staff members, has clear favorites, takes out her temper on staff, and does not project an attitude of growth in the school. From what I understand, she has pushed, and is really pushing, for the school to be more "normal"-- standard subjects should be taught, and more emphasis should be placed on academic learning rather than more functional things for the students. Great. But that's really on the side. The point of this post was to discuss employer's/supervisor's attitudes and employees attitudes.

A few examples:
There was a meeting that had been scheduled and the day of it was pushed to a slightly earlier time. That day a representative from the Teachers Union had come to the school to answer questions about a new contract that was signed for the schools system. One of the staff members from the school was in the teacher's lounge with a couple other people, talking to the representative about five minutes before the meeting was supposed to start. The principal came in and said to the staff member, "Don't you have a meeting?" The staff member replied, "Yes, it starts at ____, in five minutes." The principal snapped back, "Maybe you should have your feet on the ground and know when you have meetings!" and went into the bathroom. When the principal came out the staff member said to her, "[Principal's name], I did not deserve that." And the principal responded, "I had it up to here today!"

...to be continued...

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