Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Egged and the Student Plus RavKav

The bus system has a very nice thing known as a student bus card. However getting this is often a hellish experience, and the process taking 12 hours (note: this can be spread over more than one day) is not unheard of.
What Egged does it they set your RavKav card (semi-permanant bus pass that you charge with rides) as a student plus card, so you can buy student-price bus tickets.

This year Egged started something new. Instead of needing just a verification of studies (called an "ishur limudim") in order to set your RavKav (bus pass) as a "Student Plus" card, they now want a valid student ID card. They will also take an ishur limudim from this year provided that you have a student ID that was valid last year and both of these two things are from the same institution.

What do first year students do? And what do student whose universities are not listed on the option list do? Stay tuned for when I call Egged...

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