Thursday, December 25, 2008

"All my bags are packed/ I'm ready to go..."

Yeah, right, who are we kidding? This is me we're talking about. Hyper-organized about everything BUT packing. I will always be packing until the last second possible. I had-- have-- a packing list; it's on the spreadsheet with all my schedule and OT site contact info.

Anyway, so I have one suitcase of stuff for my trip, plus clothes to leave in Chashmonaim. And my second suitcase is full of linens and stuff. It's kind of jolting-- I've packed to move halfway across the world. It's a little weird, things being up in the air-- I don't know when I'm going for sure. It also sort of feels like I'm moving into a dorm, except I'm not bringing anything electronic-- because, oh, yeah, the voltage is kind of different.

First suitcase has my clothes for the trip (only taking 4 pairs of shoes, including naot [comfy shoes] and shabbos boots! go me!), plus pjs, tanks, a couple of pairs of pants, and a couple of tees.
I have in the second suitcase:
Sheets, towels (hand/face, bath, hair, netilat yadayim [for ritual hand washing, like before eating bread], and milchig [dairy], fleishig [meat], and pareve [neither meat nor dairy-- kind of neutral] dish towels), pillows, and a couple blankets. I also have my tik [knapsack] from madrichim [instructor's course], but that's going to be my second check on the return.

The carry-on is so not packed.

On the upside, I have copies of my diplomas. Yay. Maybe I can get my degrees recognized...supposedly you need a teudat zehut, but in theory you can do it on a passport. Hope I can.

I'm surprisingly awake and focused. Not that this entry reflects that at all, but for it being 2:11 am now and me being up and running since 6 am yesterday, I think I'm doing pretty well. It feels like yesterday was so long ago-- exciting to have a break from school, but...feels odd. We'll see where things go.

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