Sunday, January 4, 2009

The part I hate

This is the part I hate. Leaving. I fly out tomorrow-- ממש לא רוצה לעזוב.
I've spent the past week running around to different palces, got 2 offers for job interviews.
Thursday: Yosef picked me up, went to Beit Levenstein and then to Netanya to David and Tzvia's and had a mesibat chanukah there-- first 2 Israeli sufganiyot this year. Ever.
Friday: Home/Chashmonaim
Shabbat: Chashmonaim. Saw Tari and Jordan on the way back from shul, went to the Aarons after lunch-- Sarah and Hannah were both there-- then went back with Hannah to the Brodskys, hung out there, then came back home.
Motza"sh: Went to Bar Ilan, watched Forrest Gump and waited 2 hours for pizza; stayed over by Chloe and Jonathan's.
Sunday: Tel Hashomer, Hadassah Har Hatzofim, Merkaz Hamagshimim. Stayed over by Yehuda and Elkie's.
Monday: Went to the translator/notary, met Yehuda's mom, Misrad Hachinuch, did mishmeret with Boaz and Nerya until 3, then switched to work with Moti Hecht and Shlomie when I saw them at Sha"tz
Tuesday: Alyn, Sha"tz, Hashbara for MDA Chul, met Gila, back to Hasbara for MDA Chul, met Noa after the hasbara and went to the shuk, town, then back to Yehuda and Elkie's.
Wednesday: Paeds clinic in Beitar Illit (found the bus, didn't get stoned), Aleh, back to the notary to pick up my documents, MDA Chul office.
Thursday: Tali Bayot Vagan, then to the NBN Education Conference, ended up doing mishmeret with Ohad, Reut, and Nitai instead of cooking in PT.
Friday: Went up to PT at 7:30, cooked for Shabbat
Shabbat: Shabbat MDA Chul (plus a couple others), wonderful as usual.
Motza"sh: Went into Jlem, got to see Aaron (!), went to bowling but the wait was too long so we (Yosef, Aaron, me, Seri, Vered, Leah, Kaufmans, Dafna, and Dayna) went to pizza, then Yosef הקפיץ אותי הביתה-- as in to Chashmonaim, which was really nice of him, and...that would be up till now.

Tomorrow I'm going to a school with Michelle, then I'm coming back home. I should pack tonight so I don't have to tomorrow...I don't want to leave.

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