Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More aliyah paperwork

Got an email today from Nefesh B'Nefesh about Summer 2009 flight dates...bummed me out...but whatever, it's better that I stay here the extra six months...I just keep telling myself that, even though it doesn't really make me feel much better.

Emailed in more paperwork-- updated passport stamps from my pilot trip, updated (from my pilot trip) entrance-exit form, Proof of Living Overseas in the form of a report card and honor roll letter (not bragging, just couldn't find my senior year report card so I used that. Hope they accept it!), the financial affidavit that Zvi signed as the accountant, and what else? I think that's it...yeah, 5 things...

I'm waiting for the Proof of Judaism letter from my cousin, and I also have to send in 3 hard copy passport photos. But I might just bring them to the office directly because I don't really trust the mail...

On another Israel-related note, someone asked me about teaching CPR and First Aid. Definitely will have to do chovshim/nahagim (Israeli medic course) when I'm there...once I, you know, speak the language enough...I also have to study the chovshim/nahagim material that I have from Sharon. That should help too.

And also, I'm taking an NDT (movement theory) course and one of the OTs instructing it also teaches in Israel! And she's going to put me in touch with some OTs there! Yay for connections!

All right, dinner time. And mom mentioned something about a pita in the freezer. Chumus, here I come!

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