Monday, December 14, 2009

Oofganiyot and other Chanukah delights

Who remembers Shalom Sesame's Chanukah episode? If you don't, oofganiyot are Moishe Oofnik (the Israeli version of Oscar the Grouch)'s version of sufganiyot. Just as an fyi.

It's Chanukah. Last year I was in America for half and in Israel for the other half. The day I landed I had sufganiyot. Mmmmmm.

This year I'm in America the entire time. It's different. I miss the overwhelming Chanukah-- my holiday-- feeling as opposed to so much being Christmas. Here the children in school color in dreidels and chanukiyot (menorahs, in English...yes, I know menorah isn't English. But it's how we Anglos call the thingy we light on Chanukah) and learn about latkes. It feels-- well, it seems weird to have all these kids learning about something that's not their holiday or, in America, kids in public school learn about ALL the holidays and color pictures of kinaras and dreidels and make christmas cards and ornaments. It's just...I don't know. It feels weird, and the more I'm in the public schools the same it seems-- you would think I'd be used to it from last year but I'm not.

I miss being in a country where it's my religion, my holidays, instead of my holidays being the non-standard. There is a giant menorah somewhere in the city, I'm sure, but the big attraction is the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center-- the tree lighting, the' I feel so much more right in Israel.

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