Monday, May 18, 2009

I feel like I should be typing this blog in Hebrew, because it's out on the Internet and very, very public...which means anyone, including my coworkers and supervisor(s?-- כן, כולל ה---בלייפפפפפפ(how do you bleep something out in Hebrew?)), can read it.

I sort of worry about that-- as in someone's going to go, "So I heard you have a blog and I checked it out...aliyah (pronounced like the dead singer)? What is that?" And I'm going to go, "Shit." Like happened today, sort of. My on-site supervisor wanted to speak to me and I thought, "Shit, someone said something to her about me moving to Israel." No, she wanted to speak to me about something else.

But really, how do you explain aliyah to people who have never even heard of it? Everything I think of just sounds falls short.

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  1. yeah I know what you mean. for me, I guess I just said, "I'm moving to Israel... and seeing where it takes me... I like the laid back life style" and then they assume because I'm Jewish that makes perfect sense. but I still get it now - even from family members - like, "when are you coming home?"