Sunday, May 10, 2009


.Can't hand-deliver the affidavit and the photos because NBN NY "does not have reception for the public"-- I just want to drop off an envelope, I'm not planning on sitting down and having a cup of coffee...and apparently can't bring them to my meeting?
I just think it's ridiculous to have to MAIL something that I can easily drop off-- it's not like the office is that big...Mailing with tracking...gotcha...
I really just want to send in my proof if Judaism letter and then I can get things moving. It's a good thing I'm not going in the summer in the end, because at this rate I won't be approved.
That being said, I realize that I'll have no clue when I'm going until at least October-- and probably at least until after the I can make all the plans I want, I'm not actually going to know when the NBN flights are until...who knows when? Good and bad.
On the upside, I can honestly say that I really don'y know when I'm going...not have I gotten accepted yet...nor do I know if I'll get into, I know I'm making aliyah. Fantastic.

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