Friday, September 11, 2009

"Time's moving way too fast, I want to make it last"

In the past three days I have gotten:
-Aliyah approval (verbal and written)
-Instructions for getting my oleh visa
-Verbal confirmation of Ulpan Etzion registration
-Winter Charter flight info (after being told it won't be available until after October 1st-- yesterday) (NBN Charter flight, leaving JFK Dec. 29 afternoon and getting into TLV Dec. 30 morning. Exact info to follow. And of course, this could change-- last year's charter flight turned into a few group flights instead)

This is very overwhelming.
And this is actually feels very, very weird. Just about 3.5 months and...I don't think it's actually hit me that I'm LEAVING. Like-- actually going, for good. Yeah, I'll be back...but for me, it's not just moving somewhere else, it's leaving my parent's house. And also-- I've been waiting for this and it all just happened at once-- in 3 days I got aliyah approval, confirmation from my shaliach that I'm registered at Etzion (even though they don't send out the acceptance info and all that apparently until 2 months before), and NBN flight info-- I think this is the fastest things have ever happened in Israel.

Sara got a notebook for people to write to me in-- like a very long plane letter in a lot of parts. That notebook is going to go around the Heights-- it might go other places also, but it's primarily going to be in the Heights. I'm excited.

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