Tuesday, September 8, 2009

::stamp:: Approved!

I have been approved for aliyah! Here's how the conversation went:

Me: Hello?
Shai*: Lauren? Shai. You're approved for aliyah.
Me: Really? Yay!
Shai: Did you think you weren't going to be?
Me: No, but it's still exciting!
Shai: Get ready, it's just the beginning.
*FYI- Shai is my shaliach from the Jewish Agency aka the Sochnut

I should find out in the next few days about Ulpan Etzion. I really, really hope I get in because it would really suck if I didn't...I'm going and going straight into Ulpan ("straight" being within 2-ish weeks). I am not going to go, spend 5 months there, and THEN go to Ulpan. No. So I am waiting to hear back.

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