Monday, November 30, 2009

here comes them blues...

Really bad grammar, I know. Let's ignore it and move on.

I took the 2 home today because the 5 wasn't running between 149 and E180 (thanks, MTA. Love you, too), so I had to transfer at E180 for the 5. As I was waiting there, I was struck with a sense of sadness-- of leaving.

It's almost the beginning of December, but I count the weeks by Shabbatot-- this Shabbos I'm going to be here, next Shabbos I'm going to be there, the Shabbos after that...etc. And starting next Shabbos I'm going to be home until I leave for Israel.
This coming Shabbos is Lissa's bday; the Shabbos after that Andrea and Yoni (and Squishy) are coming, the week after that is the second Shabbos Chanukah and my parents want me home, and the Shabbos after that is my last Shabbos at home before I make aliyah.

I was at E180 and was sad...because I was leaving. Of course I'm going to be at E180 and on the subways over the next four weeks, and I'm sure that the 5 will not be running on weekends between 149 and E180, because this IS the MTA we are talking about/dealing with. But I am definitely going to miss the subway.

Told you this would hit me as it was getting closer. Welcome to my aliyah.

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