Monday, January 28, 2008

Im Memory of Fred the Treif Bug

10:21 am
In Parshat Toldot class. Rebbetzin Friedman said she’d try to find me a chavruta who’s at my level, which would be nice. I don’t know—I may not end up staying the third week.

In other news, we may not be going on the tiyul (hike/trip) tomorrow. We’re supposed to go down to the Negev, to Nachal Tamar, Har Sedom, and Yam HaMelach. BUT it’s suppose dto rain, which mean flash flooding, which is not for tiyulim (hikes/trips). So the school will decide by lunchtime today.

12:35 pm

In Mussar, by Rebbetzin Tavin. I talked to Sandie also—I think I’m going to ask Miriam if I can tutor during the first class Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday. And Parsha maybe.

I like some of the classes—Interpersonal Relationships (M/W), Megillot (Th) is okay—I wish Naomi taught it—Rebbetzin Sperling is good, I just prefer Naomi’s style. Mussar (S/T) is good, too. Well, it’s okay. Halacha—it’s okay, I just know a lot of it—it’s kashrus [now]. Tefillah—eh. Not crazy about the teacher; I might try another class—but it’s a Level I, so it might be too easy aka boredom. We shall see.

3:20 pm

We talked about Fred the Treif Bug! Not specifically Fred, but what happens to your spoon that take the mosquito out with.

Ending with a quote from Rebbetzin Friedman: "You never really hate someone unless you loved them or felt for them"

10:25 pm
Back in my dorm room. So the tiyul tomorrow has been rescheduled to Feb. 24- I’ll already be doing MDA by then—boo-ya. I’m really disappointed—I mean, I’d definitely rather not go on the tiyul if it’s supposed to pour here and have flash flooding in the Negev, but I’d still rather it not pour…ya know? I’ll see what my schedule is when I’m at MDA.
So they’re brining in a speaker—Rabbi Nossel, who is supposed to be really good—knows his stuff and is really engaging. I think his thing is grammar, which could be boring, but apparently he makes it interesting. We shall see.
In other news, I went to Malcha with Rachel and we met up with Bina. Apparently it’s now the Jerusalem mall. Whatever, same thing. I went to look for cargos—I think I hit every clothing store in the mall—really. And There was ONE possibility,a nd the pants legs were really wide—like double the width I needed. So, um, no success. I need Old navy—ooh, I should check out their website and email Mom…good idea. That will be tomorrow’s project. ‘k, off to shower and go shloofy.

*Sara's comment: fred!
yay fred the treif bug!

Also, flash floods aren't fun. MMY was on a tiyul in eilat when it started to rain. Some girls had made it back to the bus, the rest of us ran as soon as it started to drizzle cuz we knew it would pick up quickly. But it was cool being on the bus and watching the rain (really makes you understand "ka'afikim banegev") and then the rainbow afterwards.*

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