Friday, January 25, 2008

More updates!

January 19, 2008
Motzei Shabbos:
First Shabbat in Har Nof. It was nice.
Wait, first finish the budget-- a kartisiyah (bus ticket) is 44.80 (44 shekels and 80 agorot) and you get 10 rides on it, but it's only for inner-city buses. Sunday I'll be staying within the city, but Monday I'm supposed to go to Bar Ilan (the university that the play is at)- or maybe Wednesday- depends if Chani and Oren are going Monday- so I have to take a bus to the Tachanah [HaMerkazit] (Central Bus Station; like Port Authority in NYC), or Eli said something about a bus from Knisah La'Ir (the Entrance to the City), but I'm not sure, and then a bus from the Tachana to Bar Ilan.And Tuesday I'm supposed to go to Sheva Brachot by Rita's. If I don't go see the play Monday, I might got to Zippy and bring her stuff then, and go to the play on Wednesday. I really have to see what Chani and Oren are doing.
Anyway, so Shabbat. The school set up meals for me and Penina together. Friday night we went to the Cohen's-- it was so nice- not only the food was delicious, but the Rebbetzin was so sweet. There was another woman there that Penina knew from neve, Shulamit, and the three of us were just talking with the Rebbetzin for at least 2 hours; we left there about 100:30 maybe?
Came back hom, read a bit, then Penina and Lauren and I stayed up talking for an hour or so; went to bed at 1 am. My alarm rang, but then the phone shut off- not helpful- and I woke up when Lauren came in at 10. So I missed shul. Meh.
For lunch, Penina and I went to the Movsas, another person from school. Again, food delicious-- Hey everyone, I was FLEISHIG!...but then again I don't have any dairy nosh here. After that I played Rummikub with one of the daughters, followed by coming home and going to sleep. I slept until after Shabbat, then woke up and made Havdalah. Tonight we're having a party for my roommate- for Lauren- who is leaving Monday. Now I'm off to shower.

January 21, 2008
Yesterday I was sick. Today I'm not as sick. I don't feel great, but I feel better. I told Annette- I'll see how far I can get. I have to go to Talk'n'Save today; I called them twice and they didn't get back to me. Now I feel pretty tired already, and it's only 8:50; I've been up for an hour, roughly. Maybe I'll go to the first class and tell the teacher I don't feel well and might have to leave early, take a nap, and go back, I'll see.
I have to go to Talk'n'Save because I need a phone that works. They have a plan for students for $59.99/month, including 500 minutes in the US, Israel, and Canada.
4:24 pm:
Waiting for the last class of the day to start. Called Eli- we're going to "Arsenic and Old Lace" on Wednesday; Chani and Oren aren't going tonight, because Oren is sick.

5:50 pm
Class was over at 5:30, but I went to use the computer; quickly; gave someone else a turn, and I'll go back when she's done.
Anyway, I suppose classes are okay- I'm actually not liking it- I think it's because I'm bored. I wanted it because it's small and was very recommended, but- I'm just...bored. I'm translating meforshim (commentaries) that I've been doing since elementary school! I feel like I'm teaching-- no, not teaching-- well, kind of. I'm leading the chavrutot (paired/grouped learning sessions) that I'm in...I'm just...bored. I didn't come halfway around the world and I'm not paying so much money to be bored. I'm going to talk to Miriam, the person who works with scheduling issues. Maybe I'll do this part-time and volunteer the rest of the time. All I know is-- the teachers are great, it just seems like a lower level of learning than I'm geared for. I've got 12+ years of a background in this. I want classes on Jewish Medical Ethics, a WIJL (Women In Jewish Law-- a class I took in high school) kind of class, a class on women in Tanach (the Bible)-- MORE. Not straight reading! The only class I really liked, besides the morning Navi (Prophets) shiur (class/lecture) was the Megillat Esther (Book of Esther) class. I also really liked the teacher. Anyway, so that's that. Still waiting for Talk'n'Save to call back; I might end up going down to them tomorrow. I also have to go to Rita's for Sheva Brachot, and then Wednesday I'm going to bar Ilan to see "Arsenic and Old Lace."

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