Thursday, January 31, 2008

January 29, 2008

12:58 am

I've actually got a lot to say, but it's 1 am and I've got to be up in 6 1/2 hours. So I'm going to make bullet points so I remember. In no specific order:
-Getting out early
-Moshe calling
-Snow maybe
-4-6 hours of hear
-MDA resolution
-Chani and Oren getting engaged
-Plans for tomorrow (aka "later today, seeing as it's already tomorrow")

9:05 am
First last night overnight, followed by the bullet points. Last night was very windy. I kept getting woen up by my door banging-- it wiggles about 1/8"-1/4"-- and it is really annoying. You'd be surprised at how loud a bang from that small a distance can be.
OKay, so bullet points:
(1) Getting out early: Yesterday Rabbi Nossel didn't come because he wasn't feeling well. So we got out early. Yay!
(2) Dinner-- Went to a place off of Ben Yehuda with Rachel, Zoe, Bina, and Penina. Made a brief pit stop to find cargos-- aka "dagmach"-- and foinf out that there's a store in Binyan Klal called "Walker" that has them. So tomorrow-- today-- I'm going to try to get there.

10:28 pm
Back in my dorm sweet dorm. Back to the bullets, followed by my day today.
(3) dessert. Went to cafe Rimon with the same people as dinner, and met about 8 other girls from school there. I think we drove the waiter nute. We left late-- by the time we got back it was, like, after midnight, I think. Or just around. So I didn't do laundry.
(4) Moshe called. He's the one I met at the sheva brachot who also didn't know anyone. Yay for bonding over not knowing people!
(5) Snow maybe. There was supposed to be snow today. It snowed for maybe a minute- the rest was rain and a teeny bit of hail.
(6) 4-6 hours of heat. School gives a certain amount of heat per day-- 2 hrs. minimum, more depending on the weather. So yesterday was 4 hours, today was supposed to be 6, but they made it 7-8. Yay! But I do think it's kind of pathetic to get excited about the extra hours of heat. Tomorrow (Wed.) and Thursday we also have 7-8 hours.
(7) Laundry. Didn't do it yesterday. Doing it now. By the way, in case you were hungry, our laundry detergent is certified kosher under the Rabanut. Just so you know.
(8) MDA resolution. I spoke to the coordinator and she placed me in Petach Tikva, which according to Rita is fine. So I'm going there. Rita said a lot of guys from her yishuv volunteered/worked there, so it can't be too far.
(9) Chani and Oren getting engaged! They're engaged! Mazel tov! Yay! Doink-doink!
--brief pause while I go retrieve and hang up laundry--
(10) Geula. Went and got Dassa's siddurs for her. There was a group of girls and their madricha there-- they were just...all over the place, interrupting the cashier-- there were 3 people ahead of me, including the person currently being rung up, and I was in line for 30 minutes almost. Rediculous! Anyway, so that was Geula.
11) Plans for tomorrow. That will go under "Today."

Today: 1/2 day because it's Tuesday. Penina, Rachel, and I went to the Kotel then to wander the Old CIty. I picked up my check, then met up with Rachel and Penina again. We wandered a bit more, then went to town. They went to get something to eat, and I went to find pants. Which I did! Yay! (side note, not in my journal: I seem to be saying "yay!" a lot...I think I'm going to try to cut down on that, or use another word) The store is called "Worker" actually (not "Walker"), and it's in Binyan Klal, if anyone is interested. The pants were about $23 each, which is just over half the cost of the pants I got in Bklyn, but those are also double the quality and double the pockets.
Then I met up with Rachel and Penina again, went to Rimon (meat), then came home (another side note, also not in my journal: I seem to say "then" a lot also).
Now I'm ready to go to sleep.

January 28, 2008
8:48 am

In the Navi shiur-- Rabbi Pavlov is teaching, because Rebbetzin Pavlov is in England.
So I just got an email from the MDA coordinator that I will not be placed in Modiin or Chashmonaiim because they're not placing people there. Shit. I specifically asked in America, and they (my interviewer) said that it wouldn't be a problem because I had a place to stay. I'm going to have to call Rita and find out where I can get to from her. Maybe I'll do Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. Only thing is, they're both really big stations and and I don't want to get lost in them...

9:00 am
Damndamndamndamndamndamndamn. Okay, when this shiur is over I have to check the list of cities, call Rita, then call MDA-- Shirel. I am so frustrated now. If they had said that I might not be in Modiin or Chashmonaiim, I would have been more on top of it. But I'm going to call Shirel right after RIta.
I also have to speak to the educational director about my scheudle, but that's at 10:15.

10:31 am
Slightly calmer. Still jumpy as anything and can't focus inc lass, but I don't feel so bad that I'm so ADD and can't focus, because most of the class is a bit-- a lot-- jumpy today. To quote Melissa, "It's in the air." I just want to get this sorted out! I spoke to Rita-- wait. First I called MDA and got a fax number. Then I called a wong number. Then I caled MDA, got transferred to the Jerusalem office and left a message on a general answering machine for Shirel-- I think I'll call her once I can check my email. I am going to have a really hard time concentratin until I can get Shirel's number.
Oh, I spoke to Rebbetzin Kaganoff, the educational director. I'm going to try a chavruta with a girl who she thinks is on my level, so we'll see. If not, I might tutor. She was trying to find a time when I could tutor someone in halacha, but she already has a halacha class at the time I can tutor her. So Rebbetzin Kaganoff is going to try to find me someone to tutor during Parsha. We shall see.

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