Saturday, January 26, 2008

Still playing catch-up

January 22, 2008
8:40 am

In the morning shiur. I wanted to talk to Miriam, but she was talking to someone else. Yesterday Adina (apartment-mate) told me about Midreshet Rachel. I looked at the class schedules and it looks like they have classes I'd like. BUT it's not really designed for jump-in-jump-out as Shearim is.
I also talked to Mommy and Lis today. Mom talked to Vivian, who suggested I talk to Annette.
I don't know-- maybe I haven't given it enough of a shot. Really, it's been a day of Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday and a day fo Monday-Wednesday schedules. So...I don't know.
Maybe I'll talk to Miriam about tutoring for Taste of Torah or Level I.
I'll go do that after the morning shiur.
4:10 pm
Sitting int he Talk'n'Save office. This was a project-and-a-half.
I wanted to know/

January 23, 2008
9:00 am
In the morning shiur. Right-- Talk'n'Save. I wanted to try to get the student plan-- 500 mins./month to Israel, US, and Canada, for $50. I thought that phone rental was $10, so it would be $60/month, total. It's for 3 months, and I wanted to get it for 2 months only. So it would end up being $70/month-- phone rental is $15, plus taxes, etc. And I'd have to do it for 3 months, so it would be $210 total,
10:35 am
which is considerably more than $180. So I did the "pro plan," which was/is 3 months rental (15/month), and 11 cents/minute to all Israeli phones (special dialing for non-Cellcom and landline phones), 10.9 cents/minute to my home number, and 16 cents/minute to all other US/Canada/UK landline phones. And incoming free. It took waaaaaaaay too long to get that sorted out, really.
The manager, Debbie, really tried to help me but she couldn't get me the student plan I wanted for 2 months . Whatever-- I just have to be careful. (But you all can call me, and I will be happy to give you my number if I haven't already, but please don't call when I'm in class-- 8:30-5:30 Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday; Tuesdays are 8:30-12:30.) But now I have a phone with a battery that holds charge! Yay!
So with my new phone, I went to Rita's for a sheva brachot; two people from the yishuv got married. It kinda felt a little like NYC- because one of the families was from Chile, so there was Spanish all over the place. Anywho, so I didn't really know anyone besides Rita, Dov, David, and Tzvia, so I ended up talking to this guy, Momi, who also didn't really know people- he's a cousin of the chatan's or something. So enither of us really knew anyone- so that was that. The sheva brachot was really nice, actually. There were tons of people and it seemed like everyone cooked/made something. I'm going back for Shabbat.
I\m supposed to go to the Old City tomorrow to pick up a check, but maybe I'll go Friday, go to the kotel, then go to Rita and Dov's. That could work.
Tonight I'm going to see "Arsenic and Old Lace" with Eli. School/Sem is getting better; I'm getting a lot more comfortable here-- if I want, I can go look at other mefarshim, or discuss something-- I also am getting to know my classmates-- it seemed like there were people on a break or something, but now they're back. The first day there were, like, 3 people in my class-- Level III-- and now there are 8, so that's happier. We'll see how it goes, but I think it's getting better.
4:30 pm, Medrash shiur
It's a re-cap now. I was just outside and took INCREDIBLE pictures. Well, I don't know if the pictures are incredible, but what I took a picture of was incredible. It was raining and foggy earlier
5:03 pm
and the sunset was kind of cloudy-- it was layers and there were rays and lines of light between them.
And so I went outside, before the shiur, and took pictures. It's one of moments where there is nothing to say but, "Oh. My. G-d. Wow."
I took a few other pictures as the sun was setting more; I got one shot as there was about a dot of the sun in the middle of all these grey clouds. Wow.
6:05 pm
On the bus to Bar Ilan, waiting for it to depart. This is like taking NJTransit, except in Hebrew.
'k, the bus is moving. Which means I need to put this away or run the risk of throwing up on it...Away it is.

January 24, 2008 apparently not everyone knows what "doing shots" is...because I said something about it and someone was very confused.
Anyway, so yesterday I went to "Arsenic and Old Lace" at Bar Ilan. The show was really good-- they did a great job.
I also had Thai food for the first time- Eli picked up dinner and I had chicken with mixed vegetables.
After the play I helped strike the set. Until, like, 1 am or so...ok, granted the play didn't start until 8:30 and ended at 11, so then the cast came out and guests hung around and...blah-blah-blah. The I went to Eli's friend Ilana's apartment; I fell asleep around 2 and woke up at around 6, and then went to the bus-- that wasn't so bad, it was just getting through campus. I tried to go straight through and sort of succeeded. I thnk I also went out of the apartment the wrong way. But the important thing is that I FOUND it. And didn't get least on the way to the bus to Yerushalayim. I got the bus to Har Nof-- and got off at the last stop, because I thought the bus stopped on Rechov Agassi, and it stops on an overlook ABOVE Agassi. So I walked about 15 minutes. At least I was in the right neighborhood. And it wasn't too bad to get to where I needed to be.
Oh! I learned a new word in Hebrew-- "stajier"- don't know if I spelled it properly, but it means "intern."
4:10 pm
Forgot to change my opinion about the bus to Bar Ilan: It's not exactly like NJTransit-- more like an express bus, rather than NJTransit-- it makes certain stops, and stops are either drop-off or pick-up, not both.

*Sara's Comment: about the last part- at least you ended up ABOVE agassi, not below it.*

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