Monday, September 29, 2008


I'm spending the chagim-- all of them-- at home. I usually go away, at least for Simchas Torah, but this year I'm going to be home.
It's going to be weird anyway, with Bubby and Zaidy being by Doda and Uncle David part of the time, but I might as well take in as much as I can, right?
There's a part of me that's going, "Um...there's still a chance you're not moving in July, in which case you'll be here next year for the chagim..." but I'm ignoring it.

I keep thinking there are these "lasts," but on the other hand, July is so far away...but...not. The chagim do only come once a year, and I am planning on July...which means these would be the last chagim as usual. Sort of...

*Talia's comment: I keep doing that in my head with lasts, only its with getting married instead of making aliyah... but it is such a weird feeling!*

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