Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Definitely too good to be true

Technically the misrad hapnim DOES want an apostille, but since I'm not Israeli nor am I married to one, it's less of an issue. I should have it, but in the past people have been able to make aliyah without it. Knowing me, I'll probably get it just to be on the safe side.
Also when I go to Touro to pick up my diplomas (whenever that happens) I have to get copies of my transcripts...probably will get 2, to be on the safe side. That way when Israel loses one I'll have another.

I booked my ticket back to Israel for winter break, for my pilot trip...wow, weird to be saying that. It is to look into things there and make connections and talk to people, but also to enjoy myself and just being back. So it's a trip. In probably all senses of the word. I leave Newark at 3:50 pm on Dec. 24 and get into Ben Gurion at 9:15 am on Dec. 25, and leave Ben Gurion at 11:40 pm on Jan. 4 and get into Newark at 4:55 am on Jan. 5 (which leaves me 3 hours to get from Newark to my school). It was expensive, but the next acceptable airline was about $1700, but because of the connections it would be 16 hours one way and 22 hours the other...and I'd have to get in in Sunday. So I sprang for the extra $300 and got direct flights with the times I need. Now to plan my itinerary...tomorrow. Bedtime now.

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