Monday, September 8, 2008

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I created this blog for my Israel trip(s). I've decided to continue it and transform it into an aliyah blog.
That blog will have all my things about aliyah. It feels appropriate, seeing as these trips were the ones that really cemented my aliyah.

So you all will get to enjoy the ups and downs of planning aliyah-- from the "yeah, I'm thinking about making aliyah" (check!) to "am I nuts?" (check!, and will continue to happen) to "Um...yeah, it's going to be, like, 6-12 months sooner than I thought..." (check!, and will continue to happen) to "it might be pushed because I don't have enough money and am not going to have to come back because I can't make it because of financial reasons" (check!, and will continue to happen) to "holy shit, this is happening" to "I'm here" (still waiting on the last two)

Get ready, because I have no clue how this is going to go, only where I plan it to end up...and who knows exactly where I'll be..."man plans, G-d laughs"...and G-d is probably having a great laugh about me now and will for quite a while probably.

It's so weird how life turns out. In 12th grade we had an English assignment of where we thought we would be in 7 years. Here's the differences I found:
-I'm an occupational therapist not a physical therapist. I do have my license, and I have a job and am working, so that's what I thought would happen.
-I'm not married, but there were 2 options-- if I was married and if not. So as far as the not goes-- I'm not married, which was one plan, but I'm not living in my own apartment with roommates and 2 sinks.
-Aliyah was nowhere in the plan...neither was EMS or spending almost 6 months in Israel after finishing school.

It's so funny the way life turns out. When Mrs. Cohn (Israel advisor) asked me if I wanted to go to Israel for a year, my response was a very quick, "No." Her response was, "Well, then we're done." And here I am, planning on making aliyah...I never would have thought...I'm such a New Yorker, such a city girl. I said it before, there's something about Israel that...every time I think about it I feel a physical pull in my chest. So weird. goes...

And seeing as "Rent" is ending today, that was very appropriate. The rest of the quote from there that I want to use is, "Trusting desire, starting to learn. Walking through fire without a burn. Clinging a shoulder, a leap begins. Stinging and older, asleep on pins. So here we go...who knows where...who goes goes..."

Wish me luck

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