Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I must be freaking crazy

There was another pigua about 50 minutes ago, at Kikar Tzahal, in Jerusalem. An Arab drove into a crowd of people, at last HNN check, 1 person was injured seriously, 4 moderate, and 13 light.
I must be freaking crazy if I still want to move there...

I was talking to the other therapists, and the reaction I got was, "But isn't it dangerous?" No kidding...sort of. I guess the whole country could technically be considered a war zone...
That made me think about Mercaz HaRav, and made me sort of think, "Well, should I be scared? Is there what to be scared of?" I talked to Jaffe about this-- figured he'd dealt with this quite a bit and he seemed like the logical person to talk to. And he pointed out that I was used to it. Which I guess I am. But...still...scary and odd that I can get used to looking at every Arab as if he or she is a potential candidate to kill me.

You'd think that if someone has a work permit, then they're ok and not going to try to kill you, but you never know now, I guess. Actually, this one wasn't a tractor (bulldozer), it was just a car.

Remind me again why Israel has such a grip on me that I cry over it, yet I'm somewhat scared to be moving there?

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