Thursday, January 31, 2008

January 29, 2008

12:58 am

I've actually got a lot to say, but it's 1 am and I've got to be up in 6 1/2 hours. So I'm going to make bullet points so I remember. In no specific order:
-Getting out early
-Moshe calling
-Snow maybe
-4-6 hours of hear
-MDA resolution
-Chani and Oren getting engaged
-Plans for tomorrow (aka "later today, seeing as it's already tomorrow")

9:05 am
First last night overnight, followed by the bullet points. Last night was very windy. I kept getting woen up by my door banging-- it wiggles about 1/8"-1/4"-- and it is really annoying. You'd be surprised at how loud a bang from that small a distance can be.
OKay, so bullet points:
(1) Getting out early: Yesterday Rabbi Nossel didn't come because he wasn't feeling well. So we got out early. Yay!
(2) Dinner-- Went to a place off of Ben Yehuda with Rachel, Zoe, Bina, and Penina. Made a brief pit stop to find cargos-- aka "dagmach"-- and foinf out that there's a store in Binyan Klal called "Walker" that has them. So tomorrow-- today-- I'm going to try to get there.

10:28 pm
Back in my dorm sweet dorm. Back to the bullets, followed by my day today.
(3) dessert. Went to cafe Rimon with the same people as dinner, and met about 8 other girls from school there. I think we drove the waiter nute. We left late-- by the time we got back it was, like, after midnight, I think. Or just around. So I didn't do laundry.
(4) Moshe called. He's the one I met at the sheva brachot who also didn't know anyone. Yay for bonding over not knowing people!
(5) Snow maybe. There was supposed to be snow today. It snowed for maybe a minute- the rest was rain and a teeny bit of hail.
(6) 4-6 hours of heat. School gives a certain amount of heat per day-- 2 hrs. minimum, more depending on the weather. So yesterday was 4 hours, today was supposed to be 6, but they made it 7-8. Yay! But I do think it's kind of pathetic to get excited about the extra hours of heat. Tomorrow (Wed.) and Thursday we also have 7-8 hours.
(7) Laundry. Didn't do it yesterday. Doing it now. By the way, in case you were hungry, our laundry detergent is certified kosher under the Rabanut. Just so you know.
(8) MDA resolution. I spoke to the coordinator and she placed me in Petach Tikva, which according to Rita is fine. So I'm going there. Rita said a lot of guys from her yishuv volunteered/worked there, so it can't be too far.
(9) Chani and Oren getting engaged! They're engaged! Mazel tov! Yay! Doink-doink!
--brief pause while I go retrieve and hang up laundry--
(10) Geula. Went and got Dassa's siddurs for her. There was a group of girls and their madricha there-- they were just...all over the place, interrupting the cashier-- there were 3 people ahead of me, including the person currently being rung up, and I was in line for 30 minutes almost. Rediculous! Anyway, so that was Geula.
11) Plans for tomorrow. That will go under "Today."

Today: 1/2 day because it's Tuesday. Penina, Rachel, and I went to the Kotel then to wander the Old CIty. I picked up my check, then met up with Rachel and Penina again. We wandered a bit more, then went to town. They went to get something to eat, and I went to find pants. Which I did! Yay! (side note, not in my journal: I seem to be saying "yay!" a lot...I think I'm going to try to cut down on that, or use another word) The store is called "Worker" actually (not "Walker"), and it's in Binyan Klal, if anyone is interested. The pants were about $23 each, which is just over half the cost of the pants I got in Bklyn, but those are also double the quality and double the pockets.
Then I met up with Rachel and Penina again, went to Rimon (meat), then came home (another side note, also not in my journal: I seem to say "then" a lot also).
Now I'm ready to go to sleep.

January 28, 2008
8:48 am

In the Navi shiur-- Rabbi Pavlov is teaching, because Rebbetzin Pavlov is in England.
So I just got an email from the MDA coordinator that I will not be placed in Modiin or Chashmonaiim because they're not placing people there. Shit. I specifically asked in America, and they (my interviewer) said that it wouldn't be a problem because I had a place to stay. I'm going to have to call Rita and find out where I can get to from her. Maybe I'll do Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. Only thing is, they're both really big stations and and I don't want to get lost in them...

9:00 am
Damndamndamndamndamndamndamn. Okay, when this shiur is over I have to check the list of cities, call Rita, then call MDA-- Shirel. I am so frustrated now. If they had said that I might not be in Modiin or Chashmonaiim, I would have been more on top of it. But I'm going to call Shirel right after RIta.
I also have to speak to the educational director about my scheudle, but that's at 10:15.

10:31 am
Slightly calmer. Still jumpy as anything and can't focus inc lass, but I don't feel so bad that I'm so ADD and can't focus, because most of the class is a bit-- a lot-- jumpy today. To quote Melissa, "It's in the air." I just want to get this sorted out! I spoke to Rita-- wait. First I called MDA and got a fax number. Then I called a wong number. Then I caled MDA, got transferred to the Jerusalem office and left a message on a general answering machine for Shirel-- I think I'll call her once I can check my email. I am going to have a really hard time concentratin until I can get Shirel's number.
Oh, I spoke to Rebbetzin Kaganoff, the educational director. I'm going to try a chavruta with a girl who she thinks is on my level, so we'll see. If not, I might tutor. She was trying to find a time when I could tutor someone in halacha, but she already has a halacha class at the time I can tutor her. So Rebbetzin Kaganoff is going to try to find me someone to tutor during Parsha. We shall see.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Im Memory of Fred the Treif Bug

10:21 am
In Parshat Toldot class. Rebbetzin Friedman said she’d try to find me a chavruta who’s at my level, which would be nice. I don’t know—I may not end up staying the third week.

In other news, we may not be going on the tiyul (hike/trip) tomorrow. We’re supposed to go down to the Negev, to Nachal Tamar, Har Sedom, and Yam HaMelach. BUT it’s suppose dto rain, which mean flash flooding, which is not for tiyulim (hikes/trips). So the school will decide by lunchtime today.

12:35 pm

In Mussar, by Rebbetzin Tavin. I talked to Sandie also—I think I’m going to ask Miriam if I can tutor during the first class Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday. And Parsha maybe.

I like some of the classes—Interpersonal Relationships (M/W), Megillot (Th) is okay—I wish Naomi taught it—Rebbetzin Sperling is good, I just prefer Naomi’s style. Mussar (S/T) is good, too. Well, it’s okay. Halacha—it’s okay, I just know a lot of it—it’s kashrus [now]. Tefillah—eh. Not crazy about the teacher; I might try another class—but it’s a Level I, so it might be too easy aka boredom. We shall see.

3:20 pm

We talked about Fred the Treif Bug! Not specifically Fred, but what happens to your spoon that take the mosquito out with.

Ending with a quote from Rebbetzin Friedman: "You never really hate someone unless you loved them or felt for them"

10:25 pm
Back in my dorm room. So the tiyul tomorrow has been rescheduled to Feb. 24- I’ll already be doing MDA by then—boo-ya. I’m really disappointed—I mean, I’d definitely rather not go on the tiyul if it’s supposed to pour here and have flash flooding in the Negev, but I’d still rather it not pour…ya know? I’ll see what my schedule is when I’m at MDA.
So they’re brining in a speaker—Rabbi Nossel, who is supposed to be really good—knows his stuff and is really engaging. I think his thing is grammar, which could be boring, but apparently he makes it interesting. We shall see.
In other news, I went to Malcha with Rachel and we met up with Bina. Apparently it’s now the Jerusalem mall. Whatever, same thing. I went to look for cargos—I think I hit every clothing store in the mall—really. And There was ONE possibility,a nd the pants legs were really wide—like double the width I needed. So, um, no success. I need Old navy—ooh, I should check out their website and email Mom…good idea. That will be tomorrow’s project. ‘k, off to shower and go shloofy.

*Sara's comment: fred!
yay fred the treif bug!

Also, flash floods aren't fun. MMY was on a tiyul in eilat when it started to rain. Some girls had made it back to the bus, the rest of us ran as soon as it started to drizzle cuz we knew it would pick up quickly. But it was cool being on the bus and watching the rain (really makes you understand "ka'afikim banegev") and then the rainbow afterwards.*

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Almost caught up!

Motzei Shabbos
10:46 pm
Back in my dorm, sweet dorm…er…”dorm, cold dorm” is more like it. It is so frikkin’ cold here! People say that it’s a cold that gets into your bones—I don’t think so, at least not for me. It’s a cold like there’s no heat—which there isn’t, because our heat seems to be on a “cool” setting…Lauren left a space heater (small), so I’m using that now to attempt to warm up my room somewhat. Whatever—it’s not like I spend soooo much time here awake anyway.

Okay. So Thursday night, Friday, and Shabbat. Thursday night I went to town with Avigayil—Andre’s cousin (very random how we discovered that connection). We went to T’mol Shilsom (which literally mean “Yesterday, two days ago.” It’s a restaurant with books; kind of like a restaurant/library. It’s off of Ben Yehuda—go to the Kent Station, make a left down that street, then go past the Underground and it’s a couple archways past there, if anyone cares) and I got a dulce de leche (hot milk, Irish cream, caramel, and whipped cream)—yum. The downside to T’mol Shilshom is that it’s more expensive than some other places. But then again, it’s also Ben Yehuda, so things are more expensive there ayway. It was 19 shek, which is about $5.27, so roughly the price of a Starbucks drink, but better tasting..0

Friday I was supposed to go pick up a check, but the office wasn’t open—I’m going to try Tuesday or Thursday; Avigayil is going home for a couple of weeks, so she’s giving me her monthly bus pass, so that’ll be good. Yay for unlimited bus rides in Yerushalayim! So I didn’t get the check, but met Zippy instead to give her her stuff, then we went to the shuk because she needed food for Shabbat, then she met up with Sivan, and I went to Rita and Dov’s.

The bus to them is a Superbus. But apparently Superbus rents other company’s buses. And if it’s not a Superbus that says “Superbus” on the side, the driver doesn’t have to take money…bit ridiculous—it’s the same company. Anyway, so the first bus didn’t take money…waited for the second one—THAT one took money. Got up to Chashmonaiim in plenty of time.

Shabbat was fun—chilled. The Brodskys and the Aarons live in Chashmonaiim—well, the Aarons are in the next neighborhood over, but it’s like— one side of the street is one neighborhood, the other side of the street is another. But the Brodskys are 5 houses away from Rita and Dov, and when I said something about, “I have to figure out where the street is,” Rita goes, “Claudia?” …yeah, they’re 5 houses away. The Aarons were 15 minutes, so it was all good. It was slightly pouring, but my jacket did a fine job of [keeping me dry]. After Shabbat I didn’t want to leave because it was pouring worse than before, but coming back to the dorm at 9:30-10 is better than having to leave Modiin at 6 or 6:30 am to get to school on time. SO I came back – left at 8:15-8:30, got in to Yerushalayim by 9:15-9:20, back in the dorm by 10.

Had a snack—carrots & chumus, and crackers & honey PB, juice, my iron pill, and now I’m going to bed. Once I put the heater back in Rachel’s room.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Still playing catch-up

January 22, 2008
8:40 am

In the morning shiur. I wanted to talk to Miriam, but she was talking to someone else. Yesterday Adina (apartment-mate) told me about Midreshet Rachel. I looked at the class schedules and it looks like they have classes I'd like. BUT it's not really designed for jump-in-jump-out as Shearim is.
I also talked to Mommy and Lis today. Mom talked to Vivian, who suggested I talk to Annette.
I don't know-- maybe I haven't given it enough of a shot. Really, it's been a day of Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday and a day fo Monday-Wednesday schedules. So...I don't know.
Maybe I'll talk to Miriam about tutoring for Taste of Torah or Level I.
I'll go do that after the morning shiur.
4:10 pm
Sitting int he Talk'n'Save office. This was a project-and-a-half.
I wanted to know/

January 23, 2008
9:00 am
In the morning shiur. Right-- Talk'n'Save. I wanted to try to get the student plan-- 500 mins./month to Israel, US, and Canada, for $50. I thought that phone rental was $10, so it would be $60/month, total. It's for 3 months, and I wanted to get it for 2 months only. So it would end up being $70/month-- phone rental is $15, plus taxes, etc. And I'd have to do it for 3 months, so it would be $210 total,
10:35 am
which is considerably more than $180. So I did the "pro plan," which was/is 3 months rental (15/month), and 11 cents/minute to all Israeli phones (special dialing for non-Cellcom and landline phones), 10.9 cents/minute to my home number, and 16 cents/minute to all other US/Canada/UK landline phones. And incoming free. It took waaaaaaaay too long to get that sorted out, really.
The manager, Debbie, really tried to help me but she couldn't get me the student plan I wanted for 2 months . Whatever-- I just have to be careful. (But you all can call me, and I will be happy to give you my number if I haven't already, but please don't call when I'm in class-- 8:30-5:30 Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday; Tuesdays are 8:30-12:30.) But now I have a phone with a battery that holds charge! Yay!
So with my new phone, I went to Rita's for a sheva brachot; two people from the yishuv got married. It kinda felt a little like NYC- because one of the families was from Chile, so there was Spanish all over the place. Anywho, so I didn't really know anyone besides Rita, Dov, David, and Tzvia, so I ended up talking to this guy, Momi, who also didn't really know people- he's a cousin of the chatan's or something. So enither of us really knew anyone- so that was that. The sheva brachot was really nice, actually. There were tons of people and it seemed like everyone cooked/made something. I'm going back for Shabbat.
I\m supposed to go to the Old City tomorrow to pick up a check, but maybe I'll go Friday, go to the kotel, then go to Rita and Dov's. That could work.
Tonight I'm going to see "Arsenic and Old Lace" with Eli. School/Sem is getting better; I'm getting a lot more comfortable here-- if I want, I can go look at other mefarshim, or discuss something-- I also am getting to know my classmates-- it seemed like there were people on a break or something, but now they're back. The first day there were, like, 3 people in my class-- Level III-- and now there are 8, so that's happier. We'll see how it goes, but I think it's getting better.
4:30 pm, Medrash shiur
It's a re-cap now. I was just outside and took INCREDIBLE pictures. Well, I don't know if the pictures are incredible, but what I took a picture of was incredible. It was raining and foggy earlier
5:03 pm
and the sunset was kind of cloudy-- it was layers and there were rays and lines of light between them.
And so I went outside, before the shiur, and took pictures. It's one of moments where there is nothing to say but, "Oh. My. G-d. Wow."
I took a few other pictures as the sun was setting more; I got one shot as there was about a dot of the sun in the middle of all these grey clouds. Wow.
6:05 pm
On the bus to Bar Ilan, waiting for it to depart. This is like taking NJTransit, except in Hebrew.
'k, the bus is moving. Which means I need to put this away or run the risk of throwing up on it...Away it is.

January 24, 2008 apparently not everyone knows what "doing shots" is...because I said something about it and someone was very confused.
Anyway, so yesterday I went to "Arsenic and Old Lace" at Bar Ilan. The show was really good-- they did a great job.
I also had Thai food for the first time- Eli picked up dinner and I had chicken with mixed vegetables.
After the play I helped strike the set. Until, like, 1 am or so...ok, granted the play didn't start until 8:30 and ended at 11, so then the cast came out and guests hung around and...blah-blah-blah. The I went to Eli's friend Ilana's apartment; I fell asleep around 2 and woke up at around 6, and then went to the bus-- that wasn't so bad, it was just getting through campus. I tried to go straight through and sort of succeeded. I thnk I also went out of the apartment the wrong way. But the important thing is that I FOUND it. And didn't get least on the way to the bus to Yerushalayim. I got the bus to Har Nof-- and got off at the last stop, because I thought the bus stopped on Rechov Agassi, and it stops on an overlook ABOVE Agassi. So I walked about 15 minutes. At least I was in the right neighborhood. And it wasn't too bad to get to where I needed to be.
Oh! I learned a new word in Hebrew-- "stajier"- don't know if I spelled it properly, but it means "intern."
4:10 pm
Forgot to change my opinion about the bus to Bar Ilan: It's not exactly like NJTransit-- more like an express bus, rather than NJTransit-- it makes certain stops, and stops are either drop-off or pick-up, not both.

*Sara's Comment: about the last part- at least you ended up ABOVE agassi, not below it.*

Friday, January 25, 2008

More updates!

January 19, 2008
Motzei Shabbos:
First Shabbat in Har Nof. It was nice.
Wait, first finish the budget-- a kartisiyah (bus ticket) is 44.80 (44 shekels and 80 agorot) and you get 10 rides on it, but it's only for inner-city buses. Sunday I'll be staying within the city, but Monday I'm supposed to go to Bar Ilan (the university that the play is at)- or maybe Wednesday- depends if Chani and Oren are going Monday- so I have to take a bus to the Tachanah [HaMerkazit] (Central Bus Station; like Port Authority in NYC), or Eli said something about a bus from Knisah La'Ir (the Entrance to the City), but I'm not sure, and then a bus from the Tachana to Bar Ilan.And Tuesday I'm supposed to go to Sheva Brachot by Rita's. If I don't go see the play Monday, I might got to Zippy and bring her stuff then, and go to the play on Wednesday. I really have to see what Chani and Oren are doing.
Anyway, so Shabbat. The school set up meals for me and Penina together. Friday night we went to the Cohen's-- it was so nice- not only the food was delicious, but the Rebbetzin was so sweet. There was another woman there that Penina knew from neve, Shulamit, and the three of us were just talking with the Rebbetzin for at least 2 hours; we left there about 100:30 maybe?
Came back hom, read a bit, then Penina and Lauren and I stayed up talking for an hour or so; went to bed at 1 am. My alarm rang, but then the phone shut off- not helpful- and I woke up when Lauren came in at 10. So I missed shul. Meh.
For lunch, Penina and I went to the Movsas, another person from school. Again, food delicious-- Hey everyone, I was FLEISHIG!...but then again I don't have any dairy nosh here. After that I played Rummikub with one of the daughters, followed by coming home and going to sleep. I slept until after Shabbat, then woke up and made Havdalah. Tonight we're having a party for my roommate- for Lauren- who is leaving Monday. Now I'm off to shower.

January 21, 2008
Yesterday I was sick. Today I'm not as sick. I don't feel great, but I feel better. I told Annette- I'll see how far I can get. I have to go to Talk'n'Save today; I called them twice and they didn't get back to me. Now I feel pretty tired already, and it's only 8:50; I've been up for an hour, roughly. Maybe I'll go to the first class and tell the teacher I don't feel well and might have to leave early, take a nap, and go back, I'll see.
I have to go to Talk'n'Save because I need a phone that works. They have a plan for students for $59.99/month, including 500 minutes in the US, Israel, and Canada.
4:24 pm:
Waiting for the last class of the day to start. Called Eli- we're going to "Arsenic and Old Lace" on Wednesday; Chani and Oren aren't going tonight, because Oren is sick.

5:50 pm
Class was over at 5:30, but I went to use the computer; quickly; gave someone else a turn, and I'll go back when she's done.
Anyway, I suppose classes are okay- I'm actually not liking it- I think it's because I'm bored. I wanted it because it's small and was very recommended, but- I'm just...bored. I'm translating meforshim (commentaries) that I've been doing since elementary school! I feel like I'm teaching-- no, not teaching-- well, kind of. I'm leading the chavrutot (paired/grouped learning sessions) that I'm in...I'm just...bored. I didn't come halfway around the world and I'm not paying so much money to be bored. I'm going to talk to Miriam, the person who works with scheduling issues. Maybe I'll do this part-time and volunteer the rest of the time. All I know is-- the teachers are great, it just seems like a lower level of learning than I'm geared for. I've got 12+ years of a background in this. I want classes on Jewish Medical Ethics, a WIJL (Women In Jewish Law-- a class I took in high school) kind of class, a class on women in Tanach (the Bible)-- MORE. Not straight reading! The only class I really liked, besides the morning Navi (Prophets) shiur (class/lecture) was the Megillat Esther (Book of Esther) class. I also really liked the teacher. Anyway, so that's that. Still waiting for Talk'n'Save to call back; I might end up going down to them tomorrow. I also have to go to Rita's for Sheva Brachot, and then Wednesday I'm going to bar Ilan to see "Arsenic and Old Lace."

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

First few days, all in one entry!

Jan. 16, 2008
2:10 pm, Israel Time

On the plan and counting. Check-in was fine; waiting on the line to check my big (sort-of) suitcases—a rolly duffel and a rollerboard—was a little long, but not too bad; it took about 40-50 minutes, I’d guess. The individual screening and carry-on screening was really quick—no waiting for that, actually. Then I just had a few hours to kill. Which I did.

The plane took off almost an hour late, but apparently the flight is 10 hours, 10 minutes (vs. 11 hours), so we’ll make it at about the same time as we were due.

Dinner was fine. I requested a veggie meal so I didn’t have to worry about being fleishig. ‘k, (more) naptime.

5:10 pm

Breakfast was fine. I had red peppers, a roll, and fruit. Yay for being healthy!

Anyway, so I’ve probably slept about…lets see…7 hours or so? Not bad—like a normal amount of sleep for me.

My seatmate is cute—she’s in Touro’s nursing program and doing her B.S. at the same time!

…5:25- And we’re back! Pitstop/break to see the not-so-incredible sunset. But it’s okay, I’ll have a bunch in Israel—hopefully gorgeous ones. Random, but I have the lyrics from a song in my head—“Comin’ down, the world turned over/angels fall without you there./Life goes on as you get colder/

Yeah. Don’t know why. Speaking of words, I still don’t have a blog title. Nicole suggested, “In The Land of the Jew,” but that would make more sense for her, seeing as she’s not Jewish…Aaron suggested, “Journey Home,” or “My Trip Home,” or something like that, but those are too sappy for me. Jeremy suggested, “Lauren Unplugged,” but I won’t be unplugged…murgh.

Anyway, my seatmate, Shira, and her friend Micha are trying to set me up with this guy Chaim, who I actually met while I was waiting at the airport. He’s my class at MTA. Whatever. She’s determined, I think, to set me up on this plane ride.

January 17, 2008

Today was…um…my first day. Last night I got into Israel at about 7 pm—an hour later than I was supposed to arrive because we took off an hour late.

Rita picked me up and took me to her house where I had dinner, got linens, and then came to the dorm—Basi actually drove most of the way, then Rita took over when Basi dropped herself off at work.

So—I got to the apt. with all my STUFF. I’m in my own room, which is nice. There’s another bed, but so far it’s for someone else’s stuff.

I unpacked and took a shower and went to sleep; finally got to sleep at about 2:30 am, roughly—very roughly. As in that’s when I stopped looking at my watch.

Today I got up, straightened my hair (not so well, but okay), and went to school! Yay! pit-stopped at the makolet. Got chocolate milk for breakfast.

School. The first class was a Navi shiur with Rebbetzin Pavlov, which was really good. ,I enjoyed. Then was a class on Parshat Toldot—wait, before that I went to register. THEN came the class on Toldot. I’m in the 3rd level (very original name of Level III) of most classes, except for one that I chose that’s a Level II class—but you can “mix and match” classes frlom different levels, which is good. I was a chavrusa with an older woman- probably about Mom’s age. We got through it, but I’m not sure we work well together…we’ll see how goes it- people seem to come and go quickly, for short periods. There were at least 3 new girls (women?) today, including myself and another who’s in my apt.- Penina. She’s form Queens and was actually on my flight, although I [obviously] didn’t know it then. Anyway, so people seem to go and come. The dorm I’m in is actually specifically for students who are here for only a few weeks—like me!

Back to classes. After that was a class on Megillat Esther that I really enjoyed. The teacher, Naomi, is sweet, and I like her style. I’m actually going to her for lunch on Shabbat.

After that was lunch—butternut squash soup, quinoa with a spicy tomato sauce, pasta with cheese or tomato sauces, carrots and peppers, and a fish thing. I didn’t eat the fish- it looked like canned salmon. Oh, there was also a salad- looked like an Asian coleslaw. I had the soup, pasta with cheese sauce, and quinoa—and was full. It was good.

After lunch I had halacha, and we were discussing the halachot of kashrut.

Then I had tefillah, followed by Jewish History. In Tefillah we’re doing the brachot of Shmonah Esrei, and in Jewish History we’re doing Spanish Jewry and are up to the Rambam. I’m not so into this Rabbi’s style, but whatever.

After classes I went to ZolPo, the supermarket. Went shopping—an adventure in itself. At the checkout, I was a bit behind on packing, and the guy behind me offered to help me—and then invited me for Shabbos in a few weeks—his wife is going to call me.

So then I attempted to go back to the dorm- by the way, lots of heavy bags. So I walked down the street, and went to wrong way. I saw #28, but since I had no clue where I was, it meant nothing to me. Then I saw 23. And thought I was crazy— because I thought I was going the correct way. (Clearly not…) The I saw 15, and said to myself, “This is SO the wrong way.” And turned around. I think I left school at—I don’t know, between 6 and 6:30, I’d guess, and got back to the dorm at about 8:30. Yeah. LOTS of fun. Not.

But I did get food—bread, milk, eggs, cheese, 2 nectars (mango and orange), diced tomatoes, chocolate powder, peanut butter (with honey!), oil, yogurt, water bottles. Foil, disposable pans, shampoo and conditioner, and soap. The soap was a 6-pack: Buy 2, get 4 free. WTF?

Finally I got home (back to the dorm), had dinner (PB sandwich), and did some studying for the boards—did miserably. I really need to study peds. But really, most questions of the boards won’t be on peds. So I feel better.

Then I was going to go to sleep and remembered I had to call Zip to tell her about the stuff I had for her. I did, and the phone died. Apparently, it did this with Avigayil, too, so I have no clue what I’m doing about it. Anyway, Mom called, spoke to Lis, too, and—yeah. Everyone’ okay. Grandpa’s doing better. He’s on aspirin to decrease more blood clots, and he does have an irregular heartbeat—atrial fibrillation. Then I talked to Lauren a bit, and then wrote all this. Now I’m going to bed—I’ll clean up my clothes in the morning— later.

January 18, 2008

We don’t have classes on Fridays, which is nice. But they’re Sun.-Thursday, so it’s a Friday-Saturday weekend. Whatever, it’s cool.

Woke up on time, but the phone has a snooze that you can pre-set. I did—but then it died, and then I woke up alter than I wanted to. Oh, well, such is life.

So I woke up, cleaned up the stuff I left out last night, got dressed, and davened. Then Eli called and he, Chani,a nd Oren are going to family in Ramat Beit Shemesh for Shabbat, so I took a bus (by myself! Yay! And didn’t get lost! Double Yay!) to the Tachanah HaMerkazit, finally got through security—and then Eli and I turned around and left. So going through all that security for nothing. Murgh.

We went down to Ben Yehuda because I had to change money. Rate was 3.70—it is DOWN—even Canadian dollars are more! Well, now that I have money again. My goal is to make it last until I go to Rita’s.

—cut out budgetary issues here, because they’re boring—

‘k, gotta go get ready for Shabbos. Finish this later