Saturday, October 3, 2015

Again my heart is torn

My daughter's birthday party was Friday morning, scheduled to start an hour before the double funeral for Eitam and Naama Henkin, the parents who were murdered by being shot at point-blank range in front of their four children (ages 9 years to 4 months old) while on their way back from a party with friends. My daughter's party went on until she was ready for her nap.

When I woke up (to my daughter's yell of, "Mommy! Morning!") and then heard the news, I debated briefly if I should cancel the party-- after all, the country was mourning  (despite it being a religious holiday, during which outward mourning signs are not permitted. But how can you not be torn inside?). I decided against it for the very simple reason of we were celebrating life. Celebrating the past year and wishing her many more years of health, happiness, joy, excitement for life, and peace. And that's how we work in this country-- we celebrate life. So I hugged her and kissed her and thanked G-d that I am able to be here for her and she is here with us. And then went to clean up, set up, and decorate her cake.

Her party was lovely.

May this year be filled with health, happiness, joy, understanding, exciting discoveries, and peace for her and the rest of the world.