Monday, December 30, 2013

And we're back!

Fitting that my revival of my aliyah blog should be on an aliyahniversary-- it's my fourth aliyahniversary. This time I'm spending it in Israel, unlike my second one.

In case my loyal readers haven't noticed (do I even HAVE loyal readers?), I've taken a break from my blog. I just forgot to let you all know.

Let's do a countdown of four exciting things that happened since I made aliyah four years ago:
1. Met a lot of awesome people on my flight and during ulpan and have managed to stay in touch with a bunch of them.
2. I got a sewing machine. This may not seem like an exciting thing to many of you, but it's really exciting for me.
3. I met my husband, got married, and had a baby. I'm lumping these together, because if not they would be three out of four. Actually, I'm going to change this: 3. I met my husband and got married. (Baby deserves an  a separate number).
4. I had a baby.

So...what's happened in the past 6 months? A lot.
Workwise: I finished my coverage positions and got a new job in a rehabilitative daycare/nursery school for babies and kids with visual impairments and mostly normal cognition.  I'm continuing with my other jobs in a school for kids with visual impairment plus (complex-- severe physical handicaps and/or mental retardation), and in the residential facility connected to the school.
Family: Had a baby.  Very close family friend got married (here! Yay!)
Living situation: Still where we have been since we got married.

Now that I'm back I'm planning on updating more often. Really. I also intend to do a post on pregnancy and giving birth in Israel. Someone remind me, please, because I don't remember anything anymore.