Saturday, March 24, 2012

Very frustrated and stressed

I am getting married in 2 days and (as far as I know) the caterer still doesn't have a number. He thinks 12 tables inside and 12 outside, but we're not going to need that many I think.

This is a little ridiculous. I know it's Israel and all, but still-- we need to give the caterer a number.

Next. Mikva.

In Judaism, there is something called "Taharat Hamishpacha," or the laws of family purity. One of the things involved in this is the woman going to the mikva (ritual bath). Before her wedding, every bride (even if she has been married before) goes to the mikva. Women generally go at night, except in America, brides generally go in the daytime (so the mikva is empty and it's relaxed, etc.). In Israel, brides go at night, with an appointment. So I am doing that. I am going to a mikva that my friend goes to, she said the mikva ladies are nice and it's not the nicest mikva in the world, but it's nice. So I is going at night.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

And counting...

All I need is to arrange the hasa'ah. The bouquet I have an idea, and I think the rest is done.

For the shabbat kallah I have to just cook, and the shower is tomorrow. Things are coming together.