Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thursday, November 22, 2011

One pie is done, the other is finishing up.
My floor is drying after spilling water all over it.
I really need to change my clothes because water splashed on them and now they are wet. On the up side, I did take off my wet sneakers and socks so my feet are no longer going squish-squish.
Eli's coming home for Shabbat (or at least he's supposed to)!
My feet are dry.
My kitchen floor has damp shmattes [rags] on it. I should probably move them. ...nix that...I stepped on the floor and my feet got wet. Shmattes will wait. I guess so will the pumpkin pie.
Ow-- I bumped my knee on the computer. Not cool. Especially since there was a wet spot right on the knee of the jeans where I bumped my leg. Not cool.

...more later, after Thanksgiving dinner...

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