Thursday, June 25, 2009

TA in NY?!

I forgot-- this past Sunday there was a "Tel Aviv Beach" in Central Park. It was a "beach" (read: large sandbox) with chairs, umbrellas, and matkot. There was a DJ and some live music, info about Israel and TA, and free popsicles!

The NY --> Israel group had out monthly meeting there instead of Starbucks.

Look-- pictures!

On the way to the "beach"-- lots of people already

The sun trying to come out, sort of. The rain held off until the event was pretty much over. Thanks, G-d!

Dana and Ilana posing by the giant arrow (it was right before you entered the case you missed the people or music or got lost between there and the entrance 10 feet away)

The skyline

Obligatory NY protesters-- at least there were no Neturei Karta this time

A small version of the plane I will be on when I make aliyah

The Tel Aviv sandbox beach in Central Park

In case you thought you might actually be in TA (you know, with the skyline and beach), they put up a sign to let you know where you are

One of the early bands

Classic photo-- middle-aged Israeli woman sitting in a beach chair under an umbrella, holding a cigarette

they had no chocolate-banana anything :(

The girls-- Me, Dana, Ilana, and Vered

This was cute-- my popsicle dripped in the shape of a smiley face. Could not have done it if I wanted to or had tried.

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