Friday, February 8, 2008

Yesterday, aka February 6, 2008

2:18 pm
In Chashmonaiim! Rita and Dov picked me up last night, do I've been here since then. Last entry ended off with The Adventures of Moving a Bed That Opened If You Didn't Hold It Closed. Wonderful adventure...
Yesterday we had a half day of classes because it was Tuesday. (I waited to talk to Rachel, but she was sick. So I'm going to call later.) And after school I went home to pack and help clean.
I managed to get all my stuff back in the bags it came in-- the only extra stuff was stuff I had gotten here, like food and shampoo, which isn't going back to the States anyway.
Speaking of going back tot he States, I'm actually coming in 2 days later than I planned. Remember how Israir canceled its flights in March and was rebooking everyone? So the travel agent, Batya, emailed me back-- I've been re-booked on an El-Al flight leaving Israel 1 am Tuesday morning, March 25, and arriving in JFK at 7 am on Tuesday morning, March 25. This is happy for me for a few reasons: (a) I'm not being re-booked for an earlier flight (b) Leaving Tuesday morning/Monday night means I can stay for purim Meshulash (c) Leaving then means I can be at Bar Ilan for Purim (addition: and Shabbat), in Yerushalayim for Shushan Purim, and come back to Chashmonaiim on Monday and spend some time here and Rita and Dov will take me to the airport. Yay! ::big smile:: The downside is that 7 am on a weekday morning is not good timing as far as traffic. Maybe I'll see if Andrea and Yoni can come pick me up and I'll hang out by them, then Mom and Dad can come pick me up later-- or maybe Zaidy can come-- actually, that's not a bad idea. ..maybe Zaidy can come pick me up and-- unless Bubby and Zaidy are in Chicago then...but who knows? Anyway, I have almost 7 weeks to figure that out.
Back to Chashmonaiim. It's really nice here. First of all, it's WARM-- I'm sitting outside in short lseeves, a knee-length skirt, and bare legs. It's probably about 70 degrees. Which makes me realize that I have nowarm-weather Shabbat clothes. Worst comes to worst I get something here...crying shame...There's a slight breeze, it's sunny, the birds are chirping...
All right, there is a downside now-- I hear the muzzein (sp?) doing the call for prayer. But that's actually pretty far from here-- sound travels.
I'm going to go explore the yishuv a bit, then head back- do some studying. Because I really have to.

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