Thursday, February 7, 2008

January 30, 2008

1:25 pm
In school. It's a snow day. "So why is Lauren in schoolif it's a snow day?" you ask? The answer is because I didn't know it was a snow day until I got to school because the person who was supposed to call the people in my apartment to let us know didn't know she was supposed to call. So we didn't find out until we got here.
But everything worked out nicely because (a) I would be very bored in the apartment, and (b) this was I can use the internet and computers to my heart's content because no one is waiting in line/for them, and the internet is on, and there's no class!
There's a couple other girls here, so I'm not the only one here, which would be freaky and I would not stay. But I'm not. Which is good.
So-- snow here. It's not really snow, it's more like slush-rain. The ground is covered with slush, not snow, and not plain puddles. I'll take pictures and put them up once I'm settled at Rita's.
Yeah, so my flatmates are moving out at the end of the week-- Rachel on Friday, and Penina on motza"sh. It is going to be very lonely and very freaky/scary and weird being alone in the apt. But other girls are supposed to be moving in, which makes me feel better. The 6th floor apt's girls are moving up, just don't know exactly when.
What else...I miss NY-- not as much NYC, but my family and friends. This is the longest I've ever been away, and I really miss them. It's also the time shift-- I'm not used to there being 7 hours between us-- max 3, when I call people in CA, or when I was there. It's still weird. I love it here, but IU can;t wait to get back to NY to see everyone there.

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