Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"When did we meet?" "May." "Oh, that was a while ago."

That was the conversation between my Shaliach from the Sochnut (Jewish Agency, aka JA) today.

I've been calling to find out the status of my application-- I don't really care about the actual aliyah approval, they can give that to me the day of my flight for all I care, but you need to apply for Ulpan Etzion 3 months in advance (in Israeli terms this can also mean "the day after"). The next session starts Jan. 15, which means I have to apply by October 15, which is right after the chagim end, which means there's going to be a backlog of everything because during the chagim nothing gets done. My biggest concern

So I want to get that squared away-- at least to have my Etzion application in.

Bottom line: My application is still in process. He's going to get back to me.

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